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_k4a_device_configuration_t Struct Reference

#include <k4atypes.h>

Public Attributes

k4a_image_format_t color_format
k4a_color_resolution_t color_resolution
k4a_depth_mode_t depth_mode
k4a_fps_t camera_fps
bool synchronized_images_only
int32_t depth_delay_off_color_usec
k4a_wired_sync_mode_t wired_sync_mode
uint32_t subordinate_delay_off_master_usec
bool disable_streaming_indicator

Detailed Description

Configuration parameters for an Azure Kinect device.

Used by k4a_device_start_cameras() to specify the configuration of the data capture.

Definition at line 920 of file k4atypes.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ camera_fps

k4a_fps_t _k4a_device_configuration_t::camera_fps

Desired frame rate for the color and depth camera.

Definition at line 935 of file k4atypes.h.

◆ color_format

k4a_image_format_t _k4a_device_configuration_t::color_format

Image format to capture with the color camera.

The color camera does not natively produce BGRA32 images. Setting K4A_IMAGE_FORMAT_COLOR_BGRA32 for color_format will result in higher CPU utilization.

Definition at line 926 of file k4atypes.h.

◆ color_resolution

k4a_color_resolution_t _k4a_device_configuration_t::color_resolution

Image resolution to capture with the color camera.

Definition at line 929 of file k4atypes.h.

◆ depth_delay_off_color_usec

int32_t _k4a_device_configuration_t::depth_delay_off_color_usec

Desired delay between the capture of the color image and the capture of the depth image.

A negative value indicates that the depth image should be captured before the color image.

Any value between negative and positive one capture period is valid.

Definition at line 966 of file k4atypes.h.

◆ depth_mode

k4a_depth_mode_t _k4a_device_configuration_t::depth_mode

Capture mode for the depth camera.

Definition at line 932 of file k4atypes.h.

◆ disable_streaming_indicator

bool _k4a_device_configuration_t::disable_streaming_indicator

Streaming indicator automatically turns on when the color or depth camera's are in use.

This setting disables that behavior and keeps the LED in an off state.

Definition at line 988 of file k4atypes.h.

◆ subordinate_delay_off_master_usec

uint32_t _k4a_device_configuration_t::subordinate_delay_off_master_usec

The external synchronization timing.

If this camera is a subordinate, this sets the capture delay between the color camera capture and the external input pulse. A setting of zero indicates that the master and subordinate color images should be aligned.

This setting does not effect the 'Sync out' connection.

This value must be positive and range from zero to one capture period.

If this is not a subordinate, then this value is ignored.

Definition at line 982 of file k4atypes.h.

◆ synchronized_images_only

bool _k4a_device_configuration_t::synchronized_images_only

Only produce k4a_capture_t objects if they contain synchronized color and depth images.

This setting controls the behavior in which images are dropped when images are produced faster than they can be read, or if there are errors in reading images from the device.

If set to true, k4a_capture_t objects will only be produced with both color and depth images. If set to false, k4a_capture_t objects may be produced only a single image when the corresponding image is dropped.

Setting this to false ensures that the caller receives all of the images received from the camera, regardless of whether the corresponding images expected in the capture are available.

If either the color or depth camera are disabled, this setting has no effect.

Definition at line 955 of file k4atypes.h.

◆ wired_sync_mode

k4a_wired_sync_mode_t _k4a_device_configuration_t::wired_sync_mode

The external synchronization mode.

Definition at line 969 of file k4atypes.h.

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