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k4a_capture_t Class Reference

#include <k4a/k4a.h>

Related Functions

(Note that these are not member functions.)

K4A_EXPORT k4a_result_t k4a_capture_create (k4a_capture_t *capture_handle)
K4A_EXPORT void k4a_capture_release (k4a_capture_t capture_handle)
K4A_EXPORT void k4a_capture_reference (k4a_capture_t capture_handle)
K4A_EXPORT k4a_image_t k4a_capture_get_color_image (k4a_capture_t capture_handle)
K4A_EXPORT k4a_image_t k4a_capture_get_depth_image (k4a_capture_t capture_handle)
K4A_EXPORT k4a_image_t k4a_capture_get_ir_image (k4a_capture_t capture_handle)
K4A_EXPORT void k4a_capture_set_color_image (k4a_capture_t capture_handle, k4a_image_t image_handle)
K4A_EXPORT void k4a_capture_set_depth_image (k4a_capture_t capture_handle, k4a_image_t image_handle)
K4A_EXPORT void k4a_capture_set_ir_image (k4a_capture_t capture_handle, k4a_image_t image_handle)
K4A_EXPORT void k4a_capture_set_temperature_c (k4a_capture_t capture_handle, float temperature_c)
K4A_EXPORT float k4a_capture_get_temperature_c (k4a_capture_t capture_handle)

Detailed Description

Handle to an Azure Kinect capture.

A capture represents a set of images that were captured by a device at approximately the same time. A capture may have a color, IR, and depth image. A capture may have up to one image of each type. A capture may have no image for a given type as well.
Captures also store a temperature value which represents the temperature of the device at the time of the capture.
While all the images associated with the capture were collected at approximately the same time, each image has an individual timestamp which may differ from each other. If the device was configured to capture depth and color images separated by a delay, k4a_device_get_capture() will return a capture containing both image types separated by the configured delay.
The capture will add a reference on any k4a_image_t that is added to it with one of the setters like k4a_capture_set_color_image(). If an existing image is being replaced, the previous image will have the reference released.
Once all references to the k4a_capture_t are released, the capture will release the references it holds on any k4a_image_t that are associated with it.
When a capture returns an image to the caller with an accessor like k4a_capture_get_color_image(), a new reference is added to the k4a_image_t and the caller is responsible for releasing that reference with k4a_image_release().
Empty captures are created with k4a_capture_create().
Captures can be obtained from a device using k4a_device_get_capture().
The caller must call k4a_capture_release() to release its reference to any k4a_capture_t that it receives from an Azure Kinect API.
Additional references to the capture may be obtained with k4a_capture_reference().
An invalid k4a_capture_t will be set to 0.
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